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Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD Class – School Age


At the Convent Junior school as part of our suite of educational opportunities we provide a class for children with a diagnosis of Autism.  We aim to offer a positive meaningful educational experience, which allows the child to develop to his/her full learning potential in an environment that offers clarity, routine, stability and calmness.


There will be a maximum of 6 children in the class with a full-time teacher and two SNAs to support them (up to 3 children = 1 teacher and 1 SNA). This allows us to deliver a very personalised and tailored education to meet the individual needs of each child.


Our ASD class offers an autism specific learning environment within a mainstream co-educational national school. This setting facilitates optimum inclusion in mainstream education as part of the school community as appropriate, with regard to levels of general learning ability, resources and suitability for such inclusion. We wish to provide a broad curriculum which focuses on the abilities and strengths of each child, while supporting their areas of need.


Each child in the class will have access to individual learning stations, quiet zones, our multi-sensory room/facilities, an outdoor play area and trained and supportive staff.


Your child must have a diagnosis of Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder made using the DSM-IV/V or ICD 10 by the psychologist or team along with a written psychological assessment /report (dated within the six months prior to the Application being submitted) with a recommendation by the relevant professionals that a special class placement in a mainstream school is both necessary and suitable for the child.  Please see our ASD enrolment policy for further information.


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