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At the Convent Junior School, we provide educational opportunities for children of all abilities.  We are lucky to have a class for children with Mild Intellectual Disability where the pupils are provided with a reduced pupil/teacher ratio and Special Educational Needs support.


We pride ourselves on a model of integration to our mainstream classrooms that is individually designed to enable each child to access their equivalent mainstream class at their own pace and ability.  We believe that each student with additional learning needs have different strengths, learning styles, personalities, varied interests and the same need for affirmation and success.

Should you wish for your child to be considered for access to our class for children with Mild Intellectual Disability you can contact us directly to arrange a visit to see how this model works in practice and to discuss your child’s individual needs.  Please find some brief information below on Mild General Intellectual Disability.


What is a Mild General Intellectual Disability?

The National Council of Special Education (NCSE) outlines that a general learning disability can range from borderline mild, mild, moderate, to severe/profound. Children with general learning disabilities find it more difficult to learn, understand and do things than other children of the same age. They can continue to learn and to make progress all through their lives but at a slower pace than other children. A child with borderline mild or mild general learning disability has very different learning abilities and needs than a child with a moderate or a severe/profound learning disability. Children with disabilities are children first and have much in common with other children of the same age. Every child has different strengths, personality and experiences so a general learning disability will impact differently on individual children. For further information please visit or contact your G.P. for further information.


Join the Convent Junior School community and give your child the gift of an exceptional education. Contact us today to schedule a visit and learn more about our programs.

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